Frequently Asked Questions

How long do evaluations take? What does the evaluation process entail?
We often begin with a telephone call to discuss your history and goals for the evaluation. We then request all relevant records. On the day of the evaluation, we will complete several hours of testing. After the testing is complete, we will spend several more hours scoring and interpreting the results. For clinical evaluations, we will meet to discuss the findings and recommendations, usually several weeks after the evaluation date. You will also receive a written report. For legal evaluations, consultation and the report (if requested) will be provided to the contracting attorney.

How does a pediatric neuropsychological evaluation differ from a school evaluation?
Pediatric neuropsychological evaluations will include some measures that are often administered by the school. However, the interpretation process is very different. School evaluations aim to determine if a child’s skills are on grade level. Neuropsychologists determine why a child may be struggling, by examining individual strengths and weaknesses and considering a child’s developmental and medical history. This may result in clinical diagnoses and specific treatment recommendations.

If my child has had a recent school evaluation, can he/she also have a neuropsychological evaluation?
Certain psychological tests cannot be administered within the span of a calendar year due to practice effects. However, this does not preclude a second evaluation as there are other measures available. Also, if your child has had a recent psychoeducational evaluation, then a consultation or targeted evaluation may be more effective. Please let us know if your child has had recent testing and we can discuss the best path forward.

Clinical Services Fees:
Dr. Colvin and Dr. Grieco are not contracted providers with any insurance company in this setting. After payment in full, we can provide a receipt necessary for you to request reimbursement under your insurance plan’s out-of-network benefits. However, this does not guarantee coverage. You should contact your insurance company to discuss whether neuropsychological evaluations are a covered benefit and whether there are any exclusion criteria that may apply. Please note that insurance cannot be billed for legal evaluations or testing that is solely for academic purposes (e.g., independent school admissions).

We accept cash. ACH debit and credit card. As of 1/1/17, we do require a valid credit card number and a reservation deposit to confirm an appointment date. We reserve the right to charge this card in the event of late cancellation or if full payment is not received at the time of report delivery

Legal Services Fees:
Please contact us directly to request further information.

Dr. Colvin’s office is located in Watertown, MA. Please contact us should you need our address or directions. There is free parking adjacent to the building.

For More Information:
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